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Buymusically is a network of videos by people like you, who like to produce, share, and encounter video clips. At we can help boost your success on Musically. You can buy likes, views and followers to make your page stand out from the rest. So why not get started today?Features:

  • Create, upload, and distribute clips 15 seconds or less in length
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  • Find new and exciting musicians
  • Create and share your original audio samples with others
  • Use the pairing feature to work with friends from around the globe
  • Share your work on various social networks, such as facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Set your uploads to “private”
  • Use the “hands free” feature for when you need to record but don’t have anyone to help

BEFORE DOWNLOADING, PLEASE NOTE: Some Android devices do not yet have support for the newest version.  If you experience glitches, please email us and give us a description of the glitch and the model of your device.  We should have Buymusically up and running on all devices soon.